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About Alrai Media Group Co. (K.S.C.) - RMG


About Alrai Media Group Co. (K.S.C.) - RMG
Alrai Media Group Company (K.S.C.) - RMG is a Kuwaiti shareholding company and is considered to be the first company of its kind covering the written and the Audio visual segments.

Alrai Media Group publishes a daily political & comprehensive Arabic newspaper Alrai which is currently rated the number one daily in terms of coverage, circulation, readership and influence according to the latest studies issued by accredited research firms in Kuwait and the GCC region.

Alrai newspaper owns one of the most important websites that has received the Sheikh Salem Al Ali award for the best Kuwaiti news website for the year 2008.

Alrai Media Group Co. manages Alrai TV, which is the first licensed private TV station in the State of Kuwait. Alrai TV broadcasts its free-to-air programs via Arabsat/Badr4 & Nile Sat covering the Gulf region, North Africa, South Europe and South Asia.

In 2008 & 2009 Alrai Media Group introduced new productive elements to its media world by acquiring the Publisher Printing Press (PPP), hence owning its own printing & distribution facilities. The PPP prints & distributes Alrai newspaper and distributes also 20 other publications.

A second major step was owning a TV production company, specialized in Drama series & program production. The importance of this step is that Alrai Media Group is today a major player in the Gulf drama production, a Co-producer in Arabic drama in Egypt and Syria in addition to producing a variety of programs & talk shows.

A third strategic step consisted in the inception of Alrai Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) which aims to analyze social, political, economical & scientific subjects on the local, Arab and international scenes, and develop insights through workshops; the results of which would be shared with researchers in different fields.

The above mentioned elements need to be properly promoted and marketed. Since advertising is considered as a main source of income to the existence of any media group, Alrai Media Group decided to launch its independent media arm, Alrai International for Marketing & Advertising (RIMA).

The main mission of RIMA is, first, to promote, market and sell the advertising space of a versatile and dynamic media bouquet that is constituted of Alrai newspaper, Alrai TV, Alrai websites, Jazeera Airways various media and Citybus. RIMA also endeavors to acquire the media representation rights for other media in Kuwait and / or in the Gulf region.