About Us

Alrai TV

» Alrai Media Group Co. is currently managing Alrai TV as a third party
consultant in management and operation.

» Alrai TV is the first private and independent TV station in Kuwait as well
as in the GCC countries.

» Alrai TV was proudly launched on 14th October 2004 with the objective
of creating a satcaster for the entire Arab family as well as fulfilling the
needs of the Kuwaiti family.

» Alrai TV is a modern, upbeat and highly opened station to the world
around it, while preserving its traditions, values and integrity.

» Alrai TV, first and foremost, broadcasts quality News and family
entertainment programs to the Kuwaiti citizens as well as the Middle
Eastern audiences.

» Alrai TV offers a versatile and well balanced schedule that delivers topnotch
programs that cater for the male, female and all family audiences.

» Alrai TV uses state - of - the - art broadcasting equipment and transmits
to the highest of industry standards.

» Alrai TV is in constant pursuit of the best in TV technological development
and entertainment programs for everyone.

» Alrai TV is a satcaster for the people. It aims at satisfying the needs and
aspirations of all its viewers.